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Jamesie's Jaunts was a series of little "stories" that followed the football watching exploits of BTF's very own Stuart James, one which took him to some of the most interesting (and conversely most uninteresting) football grounds in England - and in some cases in Europe.
Started way back in October 2002 - when Stone Dominoes beat Maine Road 6-0 one Friday night - the column attracted interest from the non-league fraternity, via the BTF website and (latterly) the Sheffield FC programme. Due to increasing work commitments, and with the Sheffield FC "awayday experience" being much further afield than the NCEL, Jamesie hung up his note pad in May 2008 after nearly 200 articles and over 150 grounds covered.
So together for one last time, BTF have gathered together the last surviving remnants of the man's travels, allowing you to re-live some of the experiences. Find out why the mention of Ibstock makes him go into a nervous sweat (and humming a cheesy Belinda Carlisle tune), why Asfordby's Scott Mooney got sent off, and how did Jamesie and Belper Neil get out of rural Republic of Ireland after missing the last bus.
Happy reading!

Jamesie's Jaunts - 2002 to 2008