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Dave McCarthy's message following the Sheffield Senior Cup Final victory.

What a week  - in fact what a couple of weeks it's been in the life of Sheffield F.C. Firstly, we reach two cup finals with some hard earned victories against Arnold Town and Dinnington Town. Then to actually come through and win both the cups is an outstanding achievement on the players part.

What I really think puts the icing on the cake is that neither cup victory was pinched. Both were deserved and we know you don't always get what you deserve do you ?  The Harrogate Railway game was a smashing match I thought and full credit to Harrogate for the part they played. However, on the night I felt we looked fitter and sharper and although my players don't always appreciate it, the rest some of them have had over the last few weeks might have done them good. The victory at Hillsborough was a night for us all to remember for a long time. As the game started I remarked to Lee Walshaw that I just wanted us to do ourselves justice and not get well beat. After about 10 minutes it dawned on us all that we were the better team and we would win the game.

Individuals shone, but it was a superb all round team performance that got us the result. The desire to pass the ball, retrieve it when our opponents had it and play to our strengths got us the result, and what about the winning goal eh ! - who'd have thought Ben Cressey would come up with that superb strike in injury time.

Ben,  like so many of his team mates, has worked ever so hard this season and every single one of them deserves praise for the 55 games that the club has played in and for bringing two trophies to Sheffield Club. There is always a down side to everything and as a manager it affects you when you get to finals and can't play everyone who has helped you throughout the season. James Tevendale is a very good player who, unfortunately as the games paned out, hasn't got on in both finals and I felt desperately sorry for him, as I did Asa Ingall who suffered a similar fate at Hillsborough. Unfortunately for individuals I have a duty to do what I think is right, but it doesn't make you feel any better.

Of course one of the problems I face now is holding on to some of the players. I imagine that certain players will be touted by other clubs, but hopefully the lure of more cash will be offset by the fact that they play for and are wanted by such a unique club, with a unique set of fans and play with some very good players. Who knows what could be achieved if we stay together? 

I mentioned the fans - last night  I felt very humble after the match looking up at the fans matching my clenched fist salute. Going up the steps and shaking so many hands was one hell of a memory. Once again you outshouted your opposing fans and the noise made when Ben scored was awesome  - I can't wait to see it on DVD - if I buy one that is !

So let me say it one more time - thanks for your support this last season  - I know that you are growing in numbers as each season progresses and let's hope that there are  more nights like those we've experienced in the last week just around the corner.

I'll see some of you at the presentation and the rest hopefully at our pre-season games. ( Sheff Utd, Sheff Weds, Mansfield Town and Burnley are coming so far - dates t.b.c)

Take care, thanks once again and have a great summer.

Dave McCarthy

Dave McCarthy send Sheffield Club supporters the following message at Christmas:- 

"I'd like if I may on behalf of myself and the Management team at Sheffield and all the players to wish all the supporters of the club a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We go into 2005 full of optimism for the remainder of the season after the thrilling display at Glasshoughton. There should be a large crowd up at Sandygate for our game against Hallam and I only hope that following the last two disappointing visits we can produce a performance that will leave you proud.
The support at Glasshoughton was once again incredible - were there actually any home supporters there ? I wanted to get around you all after the game but only managed a few and needed to sort the players out in the dressing room.
To update you on a few playing matters, Lee Vernon had a virus and called in sick on Saturday morning and that is why Stavros deputised so ably at left-back. Neil Cluxton played in a local game last week to try his ankle but is still suffering with it. 'Picko' sees his specialist on 10th January and it looks like another op for him, which is very disappointing for all concerned. 'Hobbo' should be back in contention for the Buxton game as should 'Goose' and Caine  - who both trained this week.
Sam Ireland has a 112 day ban starting 3rd January for an alleged spitting incident in the Under 19's. Although Sam will have to curb this behaviour, isn't it amazing that the lad at Bolton, Djiof, gets 3 games for the same misdemeanour and a non-league player is banned for half a season !
I hope you liked the look of Chris White against Glasshoughton. He was at Wednesday all last season and Barnsley for the three seasons before that, so he has an excellent pedigree. His signing wont be the last as I have to act with Jonah facing a possible 5 week ban soon for a 'Sunday' sending off and of course Sam's long 'holiday'. 
I currently have three ''seven days notice'' approaches outstanding and will let you know if successful. Any lads coming to the club though must fit in to the budget, be winners and be better than or different to what I already have.
We are in a decent position to challenge for the top this season and it promises to be a great second half of the campaign.
We will give it our best shot and know you will too.
Have a great break and see you all soon."
Dave McCarthy

The following was received from Dave McCarthy after the home defeat by Harrogate Railway on October 16th:-

'' I thought it only fair that I should comment on todays 'performance' against Harrogate Railway. I and the players have to accept collective blame for what in my opinion was THE worst performance in my six seasons with the Club.  I never saw it coming following on from Tuesdays comprehensive win and decent performance against Yorkshire Amateur.  On behalf of myself, Lee and the players I apologise for putting you through that miserable ninety minutes.
I accept that with hindsight, maybe I would have picked or set the side out differently today, but as we all know hindsight is a great thing to have. I thought Picko would do some real damage to them as he was outstanding when we beat them away. Watty did enough to keep his spot at right back today as Hilts had been troubled by a slight hamstring injury all week and the rest of the side really picked itself after Ryan O'Carroll's ankle injury in midweek.
I thought Hilts would give us more attacking impetus from right back in the 2nd half and that Caine could make a 3rd forward and come in a little more forcefully from the back post than Goose does, whilst I hoped Tev could come on and make the ball stick rather than us looking to get in behind which is one of Picko's main strengths. To be fair the substitutions made little difference and Tom Jones apart, any outfield player could have been replaced at half time.
As a Manager, sometimes you get team selection right and luckily that's happened more often than not this season and sometimes you don't - like today and I have to hold my hands up. I have also been a Manager long enough to know that these days come along every now and again. It seems absolutely ages since we lost by this scoreline, against Northwich Victoria in the FA Cup at Bramall Lane if I'm not mistaken. I also remember turning Brid Town over 5-1 a couple of seasons ago when they were flying high at the top. They never looked back after that and won the League.
In support of the lads, this is basically the same squad thats put us top of the table and through rounds in the Vase, FA Cup and Presidents Cup and they're the same lads who'll show the 'bouncebackability' that is required.  I think the world of all the lads who play for me and know that they never give less than 100%, even though sometimes they do daft things at the wrong time, they really are an honest bunch who love playing for Sheffield Club. I believe that we're only down to 3rd in the League table in a very even divison this term. Todays opponents have obviously shown their intent by who they've beaten in the last 3 games and as per the programme notes today I thought going into the season they'd be one of the favourites.
My job now is to lift the players and club in general, no-one likes to take a beating and its how you react to one that shows your true worth. I left the players in no doubt as to how disappointed I was with them today and let them know how badly they had let themselves, me, the Club and the supporters down and what reaction I would be looking for.
We will prepare as professionally as possible for the FA Vase tie and look to return to the spirit shown so far in what is turning out to be a right strange old season.
Thanks for your support, if ever there was a time to vent your frustrations at me and the players it was today and I appreciated the supportive comments aimed at the lads as they left the field.
Keep the faith and I hope to see as many of you at Pickering as possible."


The Following Was Received From Dave McCarthy On Sunday 11th July 2004.


I moved house around a month ago and havent had access to external e-mail until this morning (Sunday 11.7) Of course I went straight to the BTF site to see whats happening. I have to say for the great supporters you are you cant half be pessimistic sometimes
Those of you who know me (and some I accept know me better than others) know I am honest and talk straight so lets set the record on a few matters and let you know whats happening on the player front
Duncan Bray  - a lovely lad and a top player, but if I'd have paid him what Stocksbridge are, then I would have had to lose 3  or 4 other players plus Duncan wanted to try football again at a higher level. He goes with mine and I'm sure your best wishes, leaves behind some great memories and I hope he has a great season for Steels
Asa Ingall - offered 3 times what I could afford to play for Buxton so he went - again I thanked Asa for his efforts whilst at Club but Asa is his own man and has gone for the money as I'm sure he'll be the first to admit
Jonny Pickess - I have to be careful here as the matter of Jon not playing for Club next season is in the hands of the Club and their Legal Advisors The top and bottom of it is that at the end of last season the Club at great personal expense paid for Jon to have a cruciate knee op privately (3500.00) on the understanding that when fit he played for Sheffield for 1 more season and a written agreement was signed. Jon has now seen fit not to return to the club and is in talks with another in the same division. Jon was very much in my plans for next term so you can see that as well as not wanting to go too public with the details I do feel he has let alot of people down, not least you supporters who admire him and his 'character' so much.
Daz Utley  - is in talks with AFC Barnsley
The remainder:
CHEETHAM/NAYLOR/SLOWE/ - these have all re - signed for the club for 2004/05 season and are working very hard in pre season.
Richards Carrington is currently training with Chesterfield but will hopefully be back with Club if nothing is offered to him
Bonno sees a specialist this week regarding his knee problem and Nick Tilly has now returned from holiday so will be training this week.
New signings so far are
Rob Ward - Ossett Albion
Brad Elam - Stocksbridge Park Steels
James Parkinson  - Brorrowash's captain last season
I have also resigned Higyy and Craig Ludlam and both are working V V hard in pre season
I am also in talks with an ex Football League player, as well as a forward and a central midfielder from a fellow NCE Prem club and a left sided player out of the Unibond Premier League  - these things take time however. I only want to sign lads who are better than what I have and who will fit into both the budget and give 100% to Sheffield FC and the supporters.
If the signings can slot in nicely and we can get players such as Holmesy, Cluxton and Watson playing a full season and maybe bring a ''youngster'' or two through, then I see a successful and enjoyable season ahead of us.
Lets see that enthusiasm back in the lot of you  - players cant always be around forever at clubs and you have to build slowly but surely. Remember 4th place in the league was a monumental effort from everyone and I see every optimism of topping that this season.
You and I should be proud that every lad that has resigned for the club has been chased by others in and around the area but wants to play for me and you  - that says something about the loyalty at the core of the club.
One final word   I give you a guartantee that when we kick off our first serious game against Glapwell on the 21st August the squad will be STRONGER and better than last seasons.


This End Of Season Message Was Received From Dave McCarthy On Monday 3rd May 2004.


Saturdays results at Brigg Town and Eastwood Town see the lads finish in 4th position the NCE Premier this season. For myself and the players this means mission accomplished as we finish in a promotion spot. Once we had confirmation some months ago from the Unibond League that fourth spot and above was the target we have all worked our socks off to achieve this and it was a lovely feeling on Saturday to see it in print.

Fourth place represents the clubs best NCE Premier finish for some 10 years and if we win on Wednesday we'll equal our best ever points total I believe.

You really have to put things into perspective. Only 5 years ago or so Sheffield FC as a team were one of the also rans of the Division and quite frankly you played them knowing that 3 points were there for the taking. Over the last 5 seasons, since I have been at the club, the team has progressed each season to the point now that we are actually respected and feared as a team and it seems sometimes clubs give that extra 10% to beat us. Everyone at the club has to take credit for the strides we've made in the last 5 seasons. We stand here now on the verge of possible promotion to the Unibond League with our own home and more importantly than that, with a hugely loyal following of supporters who quite frankly are second to none. Some clubs do take a few to away games, but how many take big flags, horns, wear club shirts with pride and to top it off then write for the website and programme after each game.

I am immensely proud of my players efforts this season and proud that you have stayed with us through the season. Its been a season that's brought some great highs and one or two lows. I hate the thought of where'd we be without the last minute levellers the likes of Pickering , Brodsworth and Brigg Town got against us - I suppose thats where League's are won and lost thought aren't they.

I don't know what next season holds on the pitch as yet. It obviously depends on what Division we are in and what budget I am working with. I think we all know that the bigger spending clubs such as of Stocksbridge Park Steels, Buxton, Goole and the Ossett's will be sniffing after our players, but for the life of me money aside, I can't see why any of them would want to leave Sheffield FC - why take a step down and miss out on what is going to be a great future for the club.

The pressure is off everyone on Wednesday against Harrogate, but I want to end the season on a real high. Yes we can enjoy a stress free evening, but no-one's done a double over us this season and I want to take that record right to the wire. The lads have been magnificent as have yourselves - please enjoy your presentation prior to kick off then get behind the lads and make plenty of noise.

Thanks for your support and see you at the game.

Dave McCarthy


The following e-mail was rec'd from Manager Dave McCarthy today, Thursday 15th January 2004.


I can confirm that Caine Cheetham and Nick Tilly's transfers have today gone through and have been registered at the NCE Headquarters. They are officially Sheffield FC players.
I think they're both excellent signings for the club and will add some experience to the squad.
Caine scores goals, as simple as that, and is in the top 5 strikers in the NCE Premier Division (we already have one of the others). Nicky is quality and experienced from head to toe  - he's played some 600 Unibond league games and experience is something I think we'll need for the run in.
One thing I think we're a little short on and needed more of last season is goals - I now reckon that with Dunc, Cheetham, Pete Stubley, Burkey, Naylor, Beaumont, Tilly and Holmesy, whose nearing fitness, all battling it out for places the futures bright.
I know Saturday's match must be doubtful so me and the boys will be training Saturday and Monday ahead of Glasshoughton fixture and we're all prepared to work our you know whats off to try and bring some success to the club by the end of the season.
Keep the faith and the support


Occasional comments from Manager Dave McCarthy will appear on this page